Become a Vendor

A Great Vending Opportunity

Take advantage of our advertising and promotion of the Freemansburg Motorcycle Hillclimb & Bike Show. We absorb most of the costs to attract so many spectators, while approved vendors receive the benefits. This event is a great vending opportunity.

Thank you to:

Steel City Volunteer Fire Department   

Dale's Concessions  

Oogie's Ice Cream 

Tubby's Midway Concessions 

Mat-Hat Jerky

Full Throttle Cycle

Christian Motorcycle Association

Hard Core Garage

Seven Sirens Brewing

Kettle Corn

Audrey's Ice Cream

Rihanna's Jewelry 

Shady Sunglass Deals

Livin Hella Good

Vince's Cheesesteaks

To become a Vendor, please download and print the file below. Fill out the Vendor Application Form and send it as instructed within:

Vendor Application Form

(27KB Adobe PDF File)